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Lynn Guissinger

 Effective, experienced leadership.


I am the only candidate with experience with Boulder County, with the people who live here, our transportation concerns, and the ways  to "get stuff done!"  I want to continue to represent you as RTD board director for District O because I would like to continue working to bring more and better transit service to Boulder County and the Northwest corridor.  


We have made a lot of progress in the last 3 ½ years, and we’ve also faced some big challenges. Ridership dropped over 70% overnight in mid-March 2020 when things shut down. With companies still in hybrid office mode, ridership is coming back, but slowly.

Early in the pandemic, the board made changes at CEO and CFO that have helped steer the ship in a new direction. But, of course, RTD still faces significant challenges.

As a lawyer, business owner, and active volunteer here in Boulder County for several decades, I have always been an advocate for good, including good transportation options, and a champion for those in need. 


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Lynn Guissinger has been successfully expanding transportation options through years of work
with RTD, the legislature, the Colorado Energy Office, CDOT, DRCOG, Boulder County and the
various municipalities, as well as People for Bikes, Urban Streets magazine, the National Bicycle
Summit and other organizations and events.

Lynn Guissinger is an experienced leader on regional transportation issues and at RTD. She has
served in leadership on the RTD board for nearly three of her 3 ½ years, and has twice been elected First Vice-Chair of the board. She was the board liaison with the Governor and legislature-appointed RTD Accountability Committee, and worked with the legislature and staff to help develop the Free
Fare for Better Air campaign in August.

Experienced, Effective Leadership

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Deep Connections to Boulder County

Lynn has a long history of service to the people and home she loves in Boulder County. She
works closely with elected officials and transportation staff to improve transit in our NW region.

"I wholeheartedly endorse Lynn for reelection to the RTD board.  Lynn has worked hard with the legislature, the administration, and RTD leadership to enact good policies for public transportation in our region, including the bills authorizing funding for Zero Fare for Better Air and a significant tax credit for employers paying for EcoPasses and other alternative mobility options for their employees.  She deserves our support."

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser

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