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Issues and Experience


As a member of the RTD Board of Directors, I will continue to:

Look To the Future

Push RTD to lead the way in strategic planning for the future of transportation, a future that will look very different from today. This means to support RTD planning for increasing the workforce, for increases to revenue, for partnerships to expand transit, and to move to an electric bus fleet.


Identify Resources

I will seek innovative solutions to find funding for RTD to better serve the people of our Northwest region.

Champion Boulder County

Lead the efforts for transit improvements in the Northwest Corridor. I will continue to support the board’s study of peak period Northwest Rail. In the shorter term, I will strive to move forward with frequent, efficient bus rapid transit on Highways 119, 7 and 287. These bus improvements are projected to carry up to 20,000 people per day, many of them new transit users, and will make a big difference in our quality of life.

Grow and Protect Ridership

Support the EcoPass and NEcoPass, the low-income pass, the youth pass, the university pass, and the efforts to explore a community-wide pass.

Make RTD Work for Cyclists

Make sure RTD provides the best bike storage and facilities possible, especially since cycling is a great way to solve the “first-last mile” challenge transit users face at stops and stations.

There’s so much more to talk about, so please visit the other pages of my website to learn more about my history, my visions for the future, and how you can join our campaign!

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